Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Delta Apparel has established a variety of environmental responsibility initiatives intended to create a more sustainable future for our business, its stakeholders, and the planet.

We monitor and track our consumption levels of energy and water as well as our levels of greenhouse gas emissions, wastewater, and other waste streams at our manufacturing facilities and measure those against our goals.  Through our various sustainability initiatives, we aim to economically:

  • Decrease energy usage
  • Decrease water consumption
  • Decrease wastewater production
  • Increase wastewater quality
  • Avert waste from landfills
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve environmental practices with respect to chemical and other material usage within our supply chain

Some of our current initiatives include:

  • Ink recycling, including the development of a proprietary recycling process
  • Incorporating biodegradable inks into our digital printing processes
  • Incorporating water re-usage technology into our textile dyeing processes
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Lighting efficiency improvements emphasizing daylighting and high-efficiency systems
  • Waste recycling and re-usage
  • Reductions in water consumption and wastewater production
  • Chemical usage minimization and increasing usage of environmentally friendly inks and dyes

Water Conservation Technology in Textile Dyeing Processes

The dyeing process within our textile operations requires significant amounts of water. We have implemented proprietary technology designed to significantly reduce our usage of this precious natural resource throughout some of our major dyeing processes. The technology allows water from dye baths to be re-used, which decreases our water intake, as well as the amount of salt and chemicals used in the process, all without sacrificing product quality. The technology also ensures a degree of reproducibility and more efficient fabric equalization than the conventional dyeing process.

2017 WRI Water Risk Scores - Textile Operations

The World Resources Institute's (WRI) Aqueduct tool is used globally to measure, map, and understand how our water risk levels, or how our consumption impacts the surrounding environment. Delta Apparel is pleased to report the most recent scores obtained by its textile operations under this program. We continue to look for opportunities to improve our water risk profile.

Textile Operations Water Program Risk Profile

  • Overall Water Risk: 1.5
  • Groundwater Stress: 0
  • Flooding Risk: 3.7
  • Upstream Storage: 2.4
  • Drought Severity: 1.1

Regional Rank (Americas): 1st out of 4

Global Rank: 6th out of 39

Find out more about the WRI's Aqueduct Tool here:

Green Valley Industrial Park

Our textile operations, Ceiba Textiles, are located within the Green Valley Industrial Park near San Pedro Sula, Honduras, one of the largest industrial parks in Central America.

The Green Valley Industrial Park is certified under the ISO-14001 Environmental Management System, which is widely-considered the world's "gold standard" for environmental management. Among the sustainability initiatives upon which the Green Valley Industrial Park focuses are the following:

  • Monitoring, controlling, and reducing water consumption
  • Improving wastewater quality
  • Monitoring, controlling, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Find out more:

100% Biodegradable Ink Usage in Digital Printing

Our DTG2Go business is a clear leader in the direct-to-garment digital print market. Our digital printing processes utilize biodegradable ink technology that is water-based, 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free, and adheres to the strictest human health and environmental standards. The ink technology is certified for use on apparel by the following organizations:

The Delta Apparel, Inc. Environmental Sustainability Policy incorporates our goals and standards for all of our operations and can be viewed here.

Branded Conservation Initiatives

Delta Apparel is proud to support various environmental causes and organizations through our branded conservation initiatives.

Salt LifeĀ® Gives Back

Salt LifeĀ® is an authentic, aspirational and lifestyle brand that embraces those who love the ocean and everything associated with living the "Salt Life". Salt Life is passionate about the ocean and protecting it for years to come. Salt Life has joined with organizations that strive to protect the ocean and its wildlife through conservation efforts, protection and preservation enforcement, reef creation and sustainability programs. Through these global efforts, we are ensuring that future generations will Live the Salt Life!

Roatan Marine Park

Salt Life fundamentally respects the ocean and understands the importance and priority of protecting and preserving the ocean and its ecosystems for future generations to explore and enjoy. To further advance our sustainability efforts, Salt Life has teamed with the Roatan Marine Park to preserve and protect the waters and reefs in Roatan, Honduras, which comprise the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea and the second-largest worldwide. Through education, conservation, and law enforcement, the Roatan Marine Park is striving to promote a healthy and sustainable marine environment that can provide fisheries and tourism without harming the delicate marine ecosystem. One hundred percent of the net profits from a t-shirt specifically developed by Salt Life for the Roatan Marine Park are donated to the parks' efforts to protect and preserve the reef system.

For more information visit:

Artificial Reefs International

Salt Life understands the value in creating, restoring and preserving the reef systems of the world. Artificial Reefs International has been involved in creating artificial reefs by repurposing non-functional ships that were slated for the scrapyard. It meticulously cleans these vessels to make sure they are free from all potential contaminants. Once they have been strategically sunk to the ocean floor, these vessels create habitats for local biodiversity. These structures also provide an ecosystem for native corals to grow and develop.

Salt Life has partnered with Artificial Reefs International to move and transform the U.S.S. Clamagore into an artificial reef off the shore of Jupiter, Florida. One hundred percent of the net profits from the sale of Salt Life's USS Clamagore Commemorative t-shirt will go towards turning this important piece of our naval history into an artificial reef for future generations to enjoy.